Business Services

B.E.S.T. Remote – Business Enhanced Support Technology

Remote Managed Services Plan

  • 24/7 Active Monitoring of all Computer Systems
  • Priority Response
  • Unlimited Remote, Depot & Phone Support (Parts Extra)
  • Monitored Anti-virus & Scheduled Scans
  • Scheduled Patch Management & Analysis
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance Included

Small businesses in the Puget Sound Region are very pleased with our B.E.S.T. programs. The benefits they often site are:

  • Alignment of Business Goals – With BEST Remote, Computer Troubleshooters aligns with your goals to have less computer problems. We are paid a relatively fixed price and it is our cost when you have a problem. In the traditional model, an IT vendor only makes money if you have a problem. With B.E.S.T. you pay us to avoid problems. Our goals are now the same, no down time
  • Less Downtime – Our advanced system health monitoring alerts us to many small problems before they become big problems. Some problems are resolved automatically
  • Higher Staff Productivity – Less time spent on computer problems, questions or vendors
  • Predictable Expenses for Better Budgeting – Many services are covered in a flat monthly fee
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing someone is working 24/7 to keep their systems running smoothly, and will respond quickly if emergencies do arise
  • Reduced Costs – Compared to the old fashioned “pay by the hour” approach


Computer Troubleshooters Franchisees around the world are protecting our customer’s business data via Offsite Backup Systems. Our SafeTNet Offsite Backup System provides the following advantages vs. local file based backups.

  • Superior, Quick Recovery – Unlike typical backup systems which take days to restore, our SafeTNet Service provides quick, local recovery in the event of system failure. With an optional IR (Instant Restore) node, we can easily recover deleted/damaged files in the event your local backup is stolen or damaged.
  • Economical storage – SafeTNet includes flat rate pricing providing on average enough storage for a month of backup data.
  • Safe Internet Backup – Our SafeTNet Distributed Offsite Storage encrypts your data into individual fragments that ensure your backup data is no longer prone to single-node security threats.
  • Local *and* Offsite – Our SafeTNet system provides three ways to protect your data: Local, Offsite/Internet, and optional Offsite/IR node. The IR (Instant Restore) node is installed on a normal desktop PC at a second location. The IR node provides a way to quickly restore your data without having to download it from the internet.

We take the hassle out of offsite backups

SafeTNet Offsite Image Based Backup System

SafeTNet$99.00/month for 1 Months1 Local *AND* Offsite backup
$19/month for a SafeTNet IR (Instant Restore) node
$200 (one time) USB Drive (for Local or IR node)

An Uncomfortable Truth

23% of all small businesses have a restorable backup

Small Business Administration statistic

13% of all hard drives will fail this year

Manufacturing industry statistic

71% of all small businesses that have a disastrous data loss are out of business within 12 months

US Bureau of Labor statistics

False Security

Our experience indicates that many small businesses ‘think’ they have a backup…

  • Redmond manufacturing company: Well run, well organized in business for over 25 years. During a Business Technology Review we checked their backup system, a standard procedure. We found the backup software was running, the place that the data was to be stored was not. The manager was receiving an email each morning telling her that the back up was complete.
  • Bellevue mortgage broker: Very active vital business and of course a mortgage banker has to pay attention to detail and he did. He had purchased Carbonite (an online backup system) for his computers. He got a nasty virus and brought his machine in. We asked him if he had a backup (concerned about his data) he said yes. He had (unknown to him) unsuccessfully installed the software, he had no backup.

Had either of the above successfully been running their backup software and hardware, they would have only been able to restore a portion of their functionality. In the case of the Redmond manufacturer, they would have been out of business, even if they had the backup strategy that was installed working properly. It only saved their data, not their software.

Computer Troubleshooter Franchisees are protecting client data around the world. We are focused on small business. We get the job done, safely, economically and efficiently.

Sleep well tonight knowing that you can restore your data and the software that is required to use that data… please.